An etwinning project on ´Advertising and its influence on us in different EU countries´

The aim is:

– to motivate learners to notice their environment and think about it in a constructive way

– to compare views in different parts of Europe in a simple way

– to develop participants´ language and communicative competences

– to use ICT

– to encourage learners to communicate and share Steps to go through Introduction of the topic and the partners (Czech Republic, Portugal, Poland, Rumunia, France, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, Spain…)

1. Types of advertising in my country – to provide a few examples of adverts with a brief description we like and one or two we dislike
2. Similarities – differences of the advertising in our countries – to see the ads from different countries and to express our opinion
3. How do we see the influence from our youth point of view? – good and bad points
4. Will we see another way of using advertising in a more positive way to solve everything? Designing an advert on…….

Have you learnt anything about the problems of EU countries’ marketing approaches while carefully thinking about the matter and its influence on people?